Persephone originates from the homonymous personal show by K and develops as multimedia work, between visual arts, performative and video.

The project was realized with the collaboration the theatrical/performative company “Niduo” by Francesca Zavattaro and Antonio Cicerone, with the support of the team “The Hieronymus Case” (Luca Gasperoni, Simone Rosati and Marie Angela Tuala Paku as director) and the participation of the performer Manuela Cirfera.

The video performance tells the story of the Rape of Persephone, extrapolating the value of the myth and its message of rebirth, growth and power of balances.

The first two acts show the rapture and the stay in Hades, where Kore, daughter of the goddess Demeter, faces the metamorphosis and acquires the power of awareness, rising as queen of the Underworld: Persephone.

The third act invites to the happy celebration of the daughter who rejoins the Mother Goddess, the awakening of Nature, Sabbath to fulfilment of the balance and cycle of existence.

The perspective adopted by K and his team embodies an ecological message and shows a more visceral level of interaction between the characters of the story. Here the Kore chooses her own destiny, she’s no longer a victim of the events and decisions made by other gods.