800x1300x250 mm


Mixed media, polymers, aluminum and wood




In “The world as Will and Representation”, A. Schopenhauer uses the allegory of the veil of Maya to indicate the illusory nature of the reality in which we live. According to the philosopher, man lives blinded by an illusory veil that separates him from the authentic perception of reality and forces him into a perpetual cycle of death and rebirth, a limited experience that ends without ever reaching the truth.

The only means capable of tearing open the veil of Maya and making all the illusions disappear, is a path that crosses art, ethics and asceticism.

With Agatha we finally reach the end of this path and we find the apotheosis of the good and the just. It encloses the truth and is a new point of reference for man and for the artist who, at the end of his journey of destruction, loss and reconstruction, finds in Agatha its own gravitational center and the source to which he can dedicate his attention.

cit. Marcella Magaletti