XVIII - |||||||||| LA·LUNE ||||||| ||||

420×297 mm

Mixed media on paper



We arrive at the XVIII Arcana, the Moon, the archetype of the Mother Goddess that nourishes and welcomes every creature. The Moon brings us before the eyes of our receptive side, it invites us to enter into welcoming and let the hidden fears, the Shadows, emerge from the depths so that they are nourished and accepted. The Moon makes no distinction between the murderer or the saint, for her every being it has a task and must be nourished, every aspect of our being is perfect if we understand its deep meaning.

What relationship do I have with femininity? What relationship do I have with my mother? What prevents me from seeing reality? what prevents me from living my femininity? what is my unspeakable secret? what is the genealogical secret? what does my unconscious part say? What is my fear?

Simone Loi, naturopath e tarologist