ComFort Zone

How fear embraces you.

These days the sky has a sick color, an opaque sun, fat clouds.

Those buildings we knew, are now sad, gray and cruel, and their edges scratch your eyesight.

This fear floods you, it drowses you, it’s fog.

This is the virus. Its face can be each one of us. We are exiled into atolls with familiar traits, turned into prisons that resemble us.

We look at each other with suspicion, terrified. The face of infected people is not different from the others.

For this project, I asked friends and relatives to depict themselves, without flaunting or masking.

Whoever wants to contribute can send me in private a picture (a selfie), showing the background he prefers and that more represents his physical and mental state.

My idea is to show us all, once again, same and similar as we are, even at this moment, that we would never imagined to come.

Tomorrow, this work will be a testimony. Today, I hope it will be a mirror.”

cit. Kaey – Rome, March 2020


During the lockdown called by the Italian government, following the sanitary emergency caused by the virus Covid-19, millions of children, women and men felt imprisoned.

The prison is not necessarily the building in which one is forced to live, but also the sudden realization of never being safe.

The threat exists and it’s real, but it doesn’t have a face, there’s no culprit to prosecute. Everyone might be in danger and everyone might be the virus.

On the rare occasions when people are allowed to leave the house, everyone acquires a menacing appearance.

In this work, the virus is represented by a face that explodes and expands outwards. On this surface are projected some faces.

The artist asked participants to portray themselves in their home, in the way they preferred, and then projected the pictures collected on the sculpture/virus.

Among the projections there are smiling, suffering, fragmented, afraid expressions.

The goal is to make people wonder. Now, more than ever, we are all equal, we are all locked up, we are all healthy, we are all infected.

There is no real enemy. The virus takes everyone, it makes no distinctions.